Bravado! Original Nursing Bra

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The Bravado! Original maternity/nursing bra is made from a blend of 92% cotton/8% spandex which allows the cup to mould to your breast and support its changing shape all day long. The fabric has the ability to stretch and contract to fit your breasts without becoming too tight when your breasts are full.

Features: a sports-bra styled back that provides excellent upper-middle back support and holds the shoulder straps in place, even during nursing; snaps that lie flat under close fitting clothing and that can be opened and closed with one hand; cups that drop fully away from the breast, giving complete access to the baby; adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort; a wide under elastic that provides even weight distribution and under-breast support and doesn't ride up or slip.

The Bravado! Original is so comfy that you will want to keep wearing it even when you are no longer breastfeeding!

Colour Choices:
White, Blush, Butterscotch, Leopard or Black.
We have limited quanities of Sky Blue on sale. 


Rib Band    


Plus +

Double +

32" - 36" 

S (B Cup)

S+ (C-D Cup)

S++ (DD-F)

36" - 40" 

M (B-C Cup)

M+ (D-E Cup)

M++ (F-G)

38" - 42"

L (C-D Cup)

L+ (DD-E Cup)


42" - 46"

XL (C-D Cup)

XL+ (DD-E Cup)


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Bravado! Original Nursing Bra
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