Kozy Kids Kokkoon

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The KOKKOON is an extraordinary product that makes heavy clothing and snowsuits for infants obsolete. It can be used in a car seat, a stroller, a baby jogger, or a sled - a comfy padded bag you simply zip your baby into as you leave the house. In the car, specially designed slits in the KOKKOON enable you to buckle baby directly into the seatbelt for added securit Your baby is never exposed to the elements - remaining snug and cozy inside the KOKKOON until you arrive at your destination. Then simply unzip the cover – no need to wake a sleeping baby!


  • The KOKKOON will fit in any car seat - including models with a 5 point harness.

  • An infant carrier utilizing the Kokkoon insert passed all the dynamic compliance criteria of the CMVSS 213.1.

  • Constructed of good quality, washable fabrics with nicely finished bindings for super durability and a great appearance!

  • Solid color exteriors in polar fleece, TrueSuede, corduroy or twill with matching solids and prints on the interior.

  • Big enough to fit your baby up to one year (30").

  • When no longer needed, unzip the top cover and you have a lovely and durable car seat cover.


Often copied, but never surpassed, the KOKKOON is made with painstaking attention to detail in our own wonderful factory in Montreal, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labour practices.


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Manufactured by: Bummis
Made in: Canada

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Kozy Kids Kokkoon
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